K-12 Reform.

Kevin’s plan will create a voucher system to create school competition driving up results. Will make sure DOE is held accountable for poor results and wasted spending. Will increase school resources and promote trade organizations.

Higher Ed.

Kevin’s plan will create a civil service program that will allow them to earn 4 years of free college. Will help ease the burden families face with repaying student loans and hold higher education institutions accountable for taking advantage of students with bloated prices and price gauging.

Police Reform and Veteran Support.

Kevin’s plan will increase police funding statewide, while doing away with ticket quota’s and ban the use of unmarked cars or hidden cars to enforce traffic laws. Will provide employment opportunities to our veterans to become School RSO’s and more.

Fiscal Responsibility.

Kevin will ensure that our government is getting more value for every dollar we spend. Currently Oregon is one of the highest taxed states but has the lowest number of services. Currently Oregon gets $.40 of value for every $1.00 we spend. Instead, we should be getting $2.00 of value for every $1.00 we spend.

Addiction help and BM 110.

Kevin will advocate for addicts and actual needs and programs that work instead of throwing more money at a worsening problem. This starts with repealing BM 110, enforcing the law, and putting criminals in jail; while providing support on the other end so they do not relapse.

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