Kevin S Chambers is the most accomplished and experienced Republican to run against Paul Evans since Paul was first elected.

2018 – 2019 Polk County Republican Chair 

2019 – 2020 West Salem Neighborhood Chair 

2019 – Polk County Housing Authority Board Member 

2019 – 2021 Oregon Water Resources Department Rules and Advisory Board Member 

2022 – Current Benton County Natural Area’s and Park Board Member 

2023 – Current Oregon Water Resources Department Continuing Education Board Member 

October 2023 – Monmouth Budgeting and Planning Commission Board Member 

During his time serving Kevin fought and stopped homeless camps in West Salem, fought to increase and even brought in more public safety and community resources. Kevin brought a pathway for a new bridge in West Salem with support from Federal representatives. Kevin made sure constitutional rights were heard by working with community leaders to ensure personal freedoms and liberties were not ignored. 

Kevin owns and operates his own Water Well Drilling business. He is the youngest licensed and bonded well driller in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho with all 7 licenses across three states. While having run several other multi-state businesses, giving him the business background, we need to make sure the government is fiscally responsible.  

Kevin overcame addiction, finally becoming sober on October 9th, 2021. He understands what is truly needed to help those suffering from addiction; as he had to win this battle himself.  

In his free time Kevin will rodeo, rope, and ride his horses. 

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