Values Matter.

Leadership absent values is like a ship without a rudder. Values matter in public service. Values Matter In Salem.

Limited Government

The purpose of the government is to provide for the public good according to the responsibilities laid out in the Oregon Constitution. Period.

Personal Freedom

Oregonians should be free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in whatever manner that does not violate the freedom of others.

Individual Responsibility

Individuals should bear the responsibility of being good citizens and reap the rewards of playing by the rules; unaffected by those who do not.

Limited Taxation

There has never been a society to exist in the ancient or modern world that has been taxed into prosperity. Oregon will not be the first.

the future is here

Which one of these children should continue to receive one of the lowest ranked educations in the United States?  Which of these children should have to rely on a school lunch as their only meal of the day because they live in homes racked by high taxes, high costs, and slow wage growth?  How many of these children deserve to inherit burned out forests and ravaged landscapes due to continually mismanaged natural resources?  How many of these children deserve to grow up to have their  hopes and dreams dictated by politicians in Salem and the Portland elites?

After 30 years of one party rule, it’s time for change in Salem.  This election comes down to one question:  Are you happy with politicians like Paul Evans, Tina Kotek, and Kate Brown and the dysfunctional Oregon they’ve delivered or do you want to elect leaders who will strive to reclaim the American Dream for Oregonians and children like these?

The Sanctity Of Life

Life begins at conception and is given by God.  I will not support abortion in any capacity and I will work tirelessly to end taxpayer-funded abortion in Oregon.  Under current laws, YOUR tax dollars fund late-term abortion until the moment of birth.  Not only is this practice extreme, it is morally bankrupt and I will work with my colleagues to end this practice.

Constitutional Rights

The rights enumerated in the Constitution were not granted by the federal government.  They were recognized by our Founders as inherent to each citizen and granted by God.  I will fight to protect free speech and free expression, the 2nd Amendment and self-defense of person and property, the presumption of innocence and due process, and the balance of our freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution.

Taxation & SPending

Don’t let the Oregon Democratic Party fool you. Oregon doesn’t have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem.  Ballooning budgets only fuel the addiction to mediocre and failing education systems, infrastructures, and State agencies.  Your hard earned dollars should never be funneled to donors and special interests through quid pro quo arrangements. 

Veterans & First Responders

A nation that spends billions of dollars each year providing the resources for our military and first responders to run headlong into harms way, keeping our nation and our communities safe from danger, should also be prepared to provide the required resources to care for these hometown heroes when they return with seen and unseen injuries.  Not only do I hold these heroes in the highest regard, I will faithfully advocate to deliver whatever benefits and resources they require before, during and after their service.

Nuclear Family & Our Elders

A civil society is one founded upon the bedrock of strong nuclear families and respect and care for our elderly.  The rate of single-parent families has skyrocketed in the last generation.  Study after study demonstrate the negative affect broken homes have on children in almost every facet of their lives.  A strong Oregon begins around the dinner table and I will work against efforts by so-called Progressives to erode our traditional family values in the public square, in our schools, and in our homes.

Illegal immigration

I support and encourage legal immigration and the wonderful  immigrants who follow federal immigration laws to enter the United States and make Oregon their home.  I strongly oppose corrupt Kate Brown and the Democratic Party’s reckless push to make Oregon a “sanctuary state” in direct violation of federal law.  Illegal immigration endangers not only Oregonians, but also those who are given a false hope of easy citizenship through illegal means.

Oregon First

As a member of the Oregon House of Representatives I will always place the interests of Oregonians above the interests of others and myself.  After 30 years of one-party Democrat control, Salem has become the “House of Special Interests and Lobbyist Kickbacks.”  I will always be mindful that I work for you and your family in the People’s House.  I will faithfully put the good of all Oregonians at the forefront of each vote by asking, “Is this good for Oregon?”