Letter to the Editor – Statesman Journal

Yet again, our Legislature proves they do not understand environmental issues, or how things actually work. HB 2362, banning Hydraulic Fracking for 10 years in Oregon does absolutely nothing. Fracking for oil is found in Oil Shale. But first, let me explain a little geology.

You have Igneous Rocks (Volcanic Rocks) that become Sedimentary Rocks (Due to the breakdown of igneous rock) which become Metamorphic Rocks. Oregon is relatively young geologically and has very little if any Metamorphic Rocks (Shale) to actually produce oil from Fracking. So this piece of legislation is nothing but a show me a piece for campaigns and doesn’t do anything to actually help or protect the environment. It is literally a waste of taxpayer money and a waste of time. Yet again our legislature doesn’t address real environmental issues. We need people in the legislature with an environmental background, who actually know what they are doing!

When you see our State Representative Paul Evans touting this legislation it is nothing more than political pandering, something he continues to do instead of solving problems. We need to address real environmental issues, not political pandering.