Kevin Scott Chambers

Oregon Son. Community Minded. Conservative.


The purpose of the government is to provide for the public good according to the responsibilities laid out in the Oregon Constitution. Period.


Oregonians should be free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in whatever manner that does not violate the freedom of others.


Individuals should bear the responsibility of being good citizens and reap the rewards of playing by the rules; unaffected by those who do not.


There has never been a society to exist in the ancient or modern world that has been taxed into prosperity. Oregon will not be the first.


Kevin is a third generation Oregonian who grew up in the Salem area.  Being the son of two teachers, Kevin’s childhood created a love for Oregon having grown up enjoying all of the wonderful communities and natural resources our state has to offer.  His roots in the district are deep and wide and his desire to serve his fellow Oregonians to better their standard of living is genuine.

KEVIN IS AN Entrepreneur.

Not one to sit idle, Kevin started his first job while he was still in high school.  After running out of money to pay for expensive college courses, Kevin went to work in the well-drilling business learning a trade.  This experience served as the genesis for his own well-drilling business.

Simultaneously, Kevin was also developing, designing and launching an online science fiction streaming channel and app for independent (Indy) film makers called Sci Fi Go–from scratch.  The channel currently has numerous projects under development, including a project with a $2 million budget scheduled to be shot on location in Oregon in 2019.


Kevin is a solid Republican who espouses the values of conservatism.  In a day when many conservatives sacrifice values for political opportunity, Kevin could not be more solid in his conservative beliefs.  Currently, Kevin serves Polk County Republicans as the Polk County Republican Party Chairman.  He is dedicated to electing conservative candidates up and down the ballot and has been outspoken regarding his support for common-sense solutions to addressing Oregon’s many problems without raising taxes..

Kevin Chambers is a smart, focused conservative with genuine Republican bonafides.  Before seeking public office he involved himself in the political process through volunteerism with his local party.  Stepping forward to represent the good people of District 20 was the next logical step in his involvement.  At every step of his journey–whether earning the love of his beautiful wife Lexi, building a small business from scratch or winning the confidence of his fellow conservatives–Kevin believed he had to earn what he wanted.  He takes nothing for granted.  Now, in this election, Kevin is prepared to roll up his sleeves and work hard to earn your vote.